Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

Hello Kids,
I know it's like a few weeks late, but better late than never. This year halloween was pretty fun for me. It's been a while since I got to dress up and go out, mostly because I didn't have anyone to go with. So here are some picts of me and my friends dancin the night away.

Bryan Monica Nephi and Me the roarin 20's group
Us girls, Jayson and some random guy dressed up as Bert

Monica Me, the boy dressed as a girl Dilya and Kimmy

Monica Me Dilya and Kim

Bunch of us, I love Kim the angle in the back ground

Monica Nephi Mandi and Dilya

Me and Nephi...we are so pimp!

So yeah, I had a blast. I was a flapper, obviously. I'll post some of my neices and nephew pix next week. Life's good, busy but good. I don't know if I blogged about it, but I started school a about 2 months ago. I'm attending Argosy university, it's kinda like the University of Pheonix, but it has a better psychology program. I've got just over a year left so I'm way excited for my progress towards my degree. Well, More to come including this year's dedication to the Jerry Sloan Tie Club, This season may produce some of the GRRReatest ties ever!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Stories from the Ranch 2009

Last weekend I got to spend some time with the family. I stayed at Chet and Annie's to watch their kids while they went Elk hunting. I got up with them, and got them ready and took the THREE of them out to the ranch, all by myself. Yes kids, I'm proud I was nervous, I'm not gonna lie, but we had a great time. Here are the top moments/quotes from the ranch.

These are just some really fun shots, Top:l-r - Lacey and Larrissa, and Jaylee in her cute hat
Bottom: l-r Jaylee being so stinkin CUTE!!

Okay funny Kid Quote, this is Colster, and I put him in the sandbox with Kylee and Ellie and told Kylee to watch him. This is how the conversation went:
Mandi: Kylee, watch your brother and PEASE don't let him eat dirt
Kylee: Ok
(see picture on the left-Colt innocently playing in the sand)
So then I go to the trailer to get a Diet Dr Pepper I turned around and went back to the sandbox
Kylee: Uh Mandi I think he ate dirt
(see picture on the right -yep, he infact ate the dirt)

Ellie had some fun on the way out, she sat in the back seat with Colt, and was taking really good care of him and I said to her "Ellie, how did you become such a good sister?. Is it because Kylee was such a good sister to you" and this was her reply:
Ellie:"Nope, it's just in my heart"

Then went over some pretty good hills we call them the "Whopptee Doos'" and Ellie laughed and said the following:
Ellie: "Do that again Aunt Mandi, it tickle's my WHOLE Body"

Kylee was crackin me up as well, she kept telling me she wanted us to go sit in "the beast" (my Xterra) and Talk when I asked her what she wanted to talk about she said...

Kylee: "Duh Boys' Mandi, and maybe we could talk about me"

We had such a good time. I love some of the pictures I took of Kylee, esp the one on the bottom left where she was jumping, it looked pretty cool. More to come...

Ranchin fun!!!

So my latest adventure last weekend was with the family. We had some fun at the ranch over the weekend. I've been breakin in my new camera I got for my birthday. Here's some of my better shots.

Here are some that I took just messing around. The top two are picts from the place. The shed on the right is one of the old blds on the property. The two on the bottom are from the ridge east looking west to our property. There's the barn and where we have the camping area.

I think these are some pretty good portraits, on the right is my Aunt's daughter Sophie, she has the most fantastic smile, and then on the right is my sister in law Britt and baby Jaylee. I love these two pictures the best. So hopefully I can get better at photography.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BUNKO!!!!!....TRAVEL.....and Bradley Cooper???

Okay kids, so here's the DL, last weeked was a blast. Which has thus inspired my blog for this edition of Mandiloo's adventures. So, back up, last year (2008), I decided that i was in greatd need of some social inspiration...So I thought to myself, "Mandiloo, you need a social life, it is time to get out"...SO I mad an early New Year's Res to do so, but had no idea where to start. So I prayed about it, YES, I Prayed about finding a social life, I too was thinking that I was out of my mind, that Heavenly Father would have many other imporant things to worry about, ie..starving children in Africa, Spreading the Gospel, World Peace, not the social life of lil Mandiloo. I am here to say that He does care, even about the little things...SO in Feb I was home from work, which is rare, and I started chattin with my girl Kim from my mish, who invited me to go dancing, and to make a long story short, and not to ruin a future blog about my girl, thus began the Social life of Mandiloo...which has rocketed the number of my Facebook friends from like 20 to

Soooo, besides finding my Kimmy-loo, who is one of the most FABulous peeps on the planet, I ran into another fellow OCM-er Dilya Peterson...and Dilya introed me to Madeline...aka Maddie, who is like my long lost twin, and together we are the M&M's: Maddie is tres bueno, but I call her a few of the following:


Maddie - Dawn


Maddie - Lynn

Maddi-Lishous (you can just about add Lishous to any name...seriously do I need to explain, it make everyone D-lishious!)

Well Maddie invited Dilya and I to play BUNKO, which is the most awesomestest (yes it IS A WORD) game in the friggin world, to play you break into groups of four peeps, 2 teams of 2, and you roll three dice. You start with 1's so you try to roll as many 1's in a row as you can, you continue to roll until you don't roll a 1. If you roll 1's with all three dice, it's called a BUNKO...and you yelll "BUNKO!!!!!" at the top of your lungs. The first person to roll 21 1's or a BUNKO wins that round. then you do the same thing with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Any time you roll three 2's its called a TRAVEL, which means you get to hold some stuffed animal. It's super fun, and you end up getting REAL excited...I rolled like 1's five times in a row...AWESOME!!!! So after the BUNKO game, we decided to take some pictures...we couldn't get my camera, and when I say we, I mean me, I coudn't figure out the timer, so I'll have to post some of our other ones when I get them from Maddie nd Dilya

Here's my girl Maddie takin some Picts, we laughed alot

And here's Dilya and then the three of us...we are so ghetto fabulous!

So after our picture taking, we decided to go see "All About Steve", which is HILARIOUS, and I Highly recommend it! There are three things about this film that were absolutly FANtastic.

Numero UNO, it is very funny, I think my favorite line was "And You, stop tanning, you look like an Orange with Lips!". It also has a very sweet story about being yourself no matter what! I like comedies, where you learn something.

Numero DOS: The Red Boots, seriously, check them out, AWESOME! Kids, Mandiloo NEEDS these boots, I will find them I WILL

Numero Tres: And finally the best part of the movie, is Bradley Cooper...He is so pretty! To make things funnier, I dreamt about him that night, but turned him down.
I told him "Sorry Bradley Cooper, you are no K.K."
(Oh and ps K.K. is code, for those of you who read this who REALLY know me ~wink~)

Why on earth I felt the need to turn him down is BEYOND me...anyone who knows me, know I'd of melted like Butta, LIKE BUTTA!!!
Well, with that my friends I must close...MORE ADVENTURES TO COME!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

So these pix are from girls camp. We had such a blast, our skit was about Cars 2, the kids of cars, we also got rained on and for the first time since I can remember we got first place in the compass, which was SAWEET!!! Here are some of the picts I talked about in my last blogger-roo.

Here's the Bishop driving our car...AWESOME!!!!

This one is fun, it's the Mandy (i)'s. Angie, our pres calls us Holly and the Mandy's.

On the Left if Mandy w/a 'y' and on the right is me, Mandi w/an 'i'

This is our whole group with our Accounta-beetle. It's awesome what Can I say!

Jess and Skye driving in the car race, they had this huge obstacle course that you had to do whilst driving the car, the best was a chineese fire drill in the sand, sorry to say we crashed and burned, so funny, wish I had that on video

SO you can see we had a blast. More to come!
Later Gaters,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mandiloo's in SCHOOL??????

Howdy Pard's
Well, I've done it, I'm finally back in school. I must admit, I've been on a three year hiatus, after being up at Utah State which totally has me freiking out! It's good though, I'm just wondering how I'm going to handle, that, my full time (+overtime) job, YW, and my social will be interesting folks, and any advice...would FOR sure be welcome.
SPEAKING of YW, we had girls camp this summer, back in June and I have to admit, it was such a blast. I didn't realize how much work/effort goes into it on the leader's end, so I have to give a shout out to my FANtastic YW leaders that I had growing up. I really appreciate all that they did for me, our theme was "Roadway to Glory", and our Value was Choice and Accountablity, so we dubbed our camp the "Choice and Accounta-beetles" we made this AWESOME bug car out of a huge appliance box, painted it orange. Which was fun, we took pictures of out Bishop as the driver of said car, the skit, which I wrote was HI larious!, then we had this awesome testimony night. The Bishop talked about how our Testimonies are a light, and he light a candle and shared his testimony, then he lit his wife who was our camp director, and she shared her testimony, then she lit someone else. But the point was that when you share your testimony, you light up other people. There was such a sweet spirit there, and I just love all of our FANTASITC Young Women, they are amazing girls. I'm excited for my next year, I can't believe I've been in there for almost a year now. I'll post some of our camp pictures on here as soon as I can get them off facebook. Hope you all are well, and this finds you happy and full of JOY! More to come

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

These are a few of my FAVORITE things.....

Hello kids!...So I've been thinking about something to do/say/write about and I came up with a few of my favorite things...So this blog will be dedicated to a few...just a smidgen of my favorite things...people...activites as it were. So, in no particular order we start with

Numero uno... Random sayings in Espanish!
Random sayings in you may ask me "Mandi, do you speak Spanish" and I will promplty tell you no, but I do have on hand for few occasions a handful of Spanish phrases...For example. "No Bueno" which my friends means not good, I use this one quite when a toothless tongan man stalks me at the singles dances, one of my friends will say "Mandi how do you feel about that?" to which I reply..."No Bueno" or "Mandi how was work this week" again the reply "No Bueno". You see it comes in VERY handy..

Numero Doux... Shoes
Are you kidding me...Shoes should probably be one of the first things I can't live with out,
Here are a few of my favorite looks right now to add to my collection of fabulous footwear:

I'm totally loving the converse right now, and these red Madden pumps are adorable, but I have 3 red pairs already, and forget about it, the brown Carlos are adorable as well. anyway...moving on

Numero Tres this one needs a little background work. So I have this fantastic work friend named Brittani, You know Brittani #1 from an early post. Well the boys at work call us Brandi...the Br for Brittani and the Andi for Mandi. Brandisims merely refer to the collection of crazy quotes that frequent our are a few of my personal favorites:

Mandi: "So I named the Xterra"
Britt #1: "Oh yeah, what?"
Mandi: "The Beast"
Britt: "oh, so it's a boy"
Mandi: "Yeah, but I'm going to make it girly, ya know, putting flower stickers on it and stuff"
Britt: "Oh, so it'll be hetero-sexual?"
Mandi: "you mean Metro-sexual, it's not GAY!"

Mandi: "You gotta hope that kid has a beard, cause when you hear Moses, you think guy with long white beard, and some tablets.."
Britt: "And an arc"

Jim (to Cheri): I'm using your name in vain alot
Britt: "So like 'oh my Cheri' or "What the Cheri?'..."

Numero four:
My neices and nephews...they are freiken sweet! take a look and see if you could live without them...I highly doubt it:

The Kidletts: L-R Kylee (7), Colt (ster 10mos), Ryann (4) Jaylee (bug 3mos), Ellie (4) and Kodee (lishous 2)
AND Finally Number 5: solitaire
Yep I said it, solitare. I can't live without it. One of the first things I do in the morning is play a game, draw three Vegas style...ahhhhhh...if I can win one Vegas style all of my wildest dreams will come ...well lets just say it makes it a little easier to make it through the day. I was up one night and started playing a game back to back to back, and won like 6 in a row, had I truely been gambling I'd have one like a thousand bucks...seriously it was amazing, next time I will post pictures, but I doubt I have a game in me that amazing...but we'll see.

Well, I'm out of things to say...More to come!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deer Hunting with my favorite older/younger brother

So my family loves to hunt, and well sometimes, I pick up the hunting bug. But I thought I'd dedicate today's blog to my very first sucessful deer hunt. I was hunting the Central unit with my brother Chet. Me and Chet have the BESTEST luck together when we are hunting...
So Chet was with my baby sister Sam I am when she got her first buck...and well the tradition carried on with me...
Let me paintcha a little was the LAST day I could hunt, for I had to teach my mother's lesson so she could hunt the next day, and I had to be in Logan later on Sunday for the calling which I we got up early and hit the 4-wheeler...well...Chet spotted2 deer, like a million miles away...seriously...I couldn't see them...and so we watched them come across the flat...then swung around to cut them off and maybe get a shot...after running up the steepest hill faster than I've ever run...we had a was my first time evening seeing an animal within shooting I aimed for the bigger bodied and animal and.....PPOOOWWWW....I hit him...well wounded him...we tracked him all day and eventually got him....and well here it is..

L to R...Me, Chet and My dad

Turns out I shot the biggest "first" buck in the family...everyone else shot spikes or two points...He's 24 inch tall and 23 inches wide...4 point...The funny thing about it was the next day Sam shot this 29ish inch buck the very next about stealing my

L-R My mom, Dad, Sam I am and her buck, Me my buck and the best guide ever Chet..

So as you can see, my buck looks puny compared to Sam's but I have to say it was the GREATEST hunt of my entire life...I loved every minute of it.

Now a word about Chet...he uh REALLy should've been born first, he has the personality for it, strait arrow, always did everything well...and me I was kinda the rebel when he came to my family shortly after me...(like just over a year or so...18ish months maybe)...we there were fireworks...and it wasn't pretty...but 2 missions later...and lost of bonding through letters, and Chet well he's one of my best friends...and he's such a good example for me...he's got a fabulous wife Annie, who the next year shot the biggest buck in the family...and 3 of the most amazing kids on the planet. He's a great dad, and even better big brother...He's my favorite older younger brother...Love ya Chet!!!

So that's my post for the week...More adventure to come...I think I'll blog about solitare the next go's my well I'm back on I don't know when then next installment will be...Later friends...
Mandiloo :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Burnin the Midnight Oil

Oh my Heck kids. I finally, after like what like months...I finally remembered the song...the random one that was stuck in my's Burnin the Midnight Oil....I don't know why I remembered it...but I did and well I cared to share....I know right...that is the craziest song. In fact I think the only part I remember is the part of the chorus that is like "Burning the Midnight Oil"...I honestly don't think I've ever heard the song in its entirety. So...I'll be updating you from time to time when I have these moments of craziness when weird random songs get stuck in my head.
So I thought I'd post some of my more FAVORITE moments from the lives of my neices...and a nephew. Every year we go out to our ranch at some point for some camping adventures. This year pretty much the whole crew was out for the deer hunt, both me and my dad had Vernon tags...which took like 10 years to draw...yikes...So, my sister Sam...who has a pretty good eye for picture taking took some pretty awesome are a few of my favorite of the girls...
Check out those poses...can you makes a photographer's job look easy when you get some major posing like that... (L-R Ellie (4), Ryann (4) and Kylee (6))
This is this is what she's thinkin in this picture..."hi...I'm gonna do it.." and I'm thinking..."No your not"...and she's like..."Watch me.."
Ellie: "See...I've got my it's coming..." Me: "Really..." at this point...really I don't need to say anything...
Ellie: "I think I've made my point"... I don't know what she was really trying to do, but when Sam showed me these picture of here. I about died...she is HI-larious...
This one is probably my's of Sam...and all the girls.. Kodee is on her lap...then from L-R, Ellie, Kylee (sisters) and Ryann (Kode's sister).
All in all I have the most fabulous neices in the world...They are so much fun. We had Ryann and Kodee this weekend come and stay with us...and my mom kept trying to get Kodee to come tell me some big's how that all went down..
Me: Kode...tell me your secret
Kode: No
Me: Come on Lish (we call her Kodee-lishous)...tell Aunt Mandi
Kode: No!
Me: I'll tell you a secret, if you tell me one
Kode: Otay...
Me: I whisper some jibberish in her ear and she laughs
Kode: (whispering) I'n AWEsome!
It's true They are all awesome! Well that's about it for me...Hope you are all doing well, and life is treating you good...I'm out...More adventures to come!