Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deer Hunting with my favorite older/younger brother

So my family loves to hunt, and well sometimes, I pick up the hunting bug. But I thought I'd dedicate today's blog to my very first sucessful deer hunt. I was hunting the Central unit with my brother Chet. Me and Chet have the BESTEST luck together when we are hunting...
So Chet was with my baby sister Sam I am when she got her first buck...and well the tradition carried on with me...
Let me paintcha a little picture...it was the LAST day I could hunt, for I had to teach my mother's lesson so she could hunt the next day, and I had to be in Logan later on Sunday for the calling which I had...so we got up early and hit the 4-wheeler...well...Chet spotted2 deer, like a million miles away...seriously...I couldn't see them...and so we watched them come across the flat...then swung around to cut them off and maybe get a shot...after running up the steepest hill faster than I've ever run...we had a shot...it was my first time evening seeing an animal within shooting range...so I aimed for the bigger bodied and animal and.....PPOOOWWWW....I hit him...well wounded him...we tracked him all day and eventually got him....and well here it is..

L to R...Me, Chet and My dad

Turns out I shot the biggest "first" buck in the family...everyone else shot spikes or two points...He's 24 inch tall and 23 inches wide...4 point...The funny thing about it was the next day Sam shot this 29ish inch buck the very next day...talk about stealing my thunder..lol...

L-R My mom, Dad, Sam I am and her buck, Me my buck and the best guide ever Chet..

So as you can see, my buck looks puny compared to Sam's but I have to say it was the GREATEST hunt of my entire life...I loved every minute of it.

Now a word about Chet...he uh REALLy should've been born first, he has the personality for it, strait arrow, always did everything well...and me I was kinda the rebel slacker...so when he came to my family shortly after me...(like just over a year or so...18ish months maybe)...we there were fireworks...and it wasn't pretty...but 2 missions later...and lost of bonding through letters, and Chet well he's one of my best friends...and he's such a good example for me...he's got a fabulous wife Annie, who the next year shot the biggest buck in the family...and 3 of the most amazing kids on the planet. He's a great dad, and even better big brother...He's my favorite older younger brother...Love ya Chet!!!

So that's my post for the week...More adventure to come...I think I'll blog about solitare the next go around...it's my addiction...lol...and well I'm back on nights...so I don't know when then next installment will be...Later friends...
Mandiloo :)

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  1. I remember you talking about the hunt on the mish and I couldn't even imagine you do it! Seeing you look like a pro makes me smile!!