Friday, October 9, 2009

Stories from the Ranch 2009

Last weekend I got to spend some time with the family. I stayed at Chet and Annie's to watch their kids while they went Elk hunting. I got up with them, and got them ready and took the THREE of them out to the ranch, all by myself. Yes kids, I'm proud I was nervous, I'm not gonna lie, but we had a great time. Here are the top moments/quotes from the ranch.

These are just some really fun shots, Top:l-r - Lacey and Larrissa, and Jaylee in her cute hat
Bottom: l-r Jaylee being so stinkin CUTE!!

Okay funny Kid Quote, this is Colster, and I put him in the sandbox with Kylee and Ellie and told Kylee to watch him. This is how the conversation went:
Mandi: Kylee, watch your brother and PEASE don't let him eat dirt
Kylee: Ok
(see picture on the left-Colt innocently playing in the sand)
So then I go to the trailer to get a Diet Dr Pepper I turned around and went back to the sandbox
Kylee: Uh Mandi I think he ate dirt
(see picture on the right -yep, he infact ate the dirt)

Ellie had some fun on the way out, she sat in the back seat with Colt, and was taking really good care of him and I said to her "Ellie, how did you become such a good sister?. Is it because Kylee was such a good sister to you" and this was her reply:
Ellie:"Nope, it's just in my heart"

Then went over some pretty good hills we call them the "Whopptee Doos'" and Ellie laughed and said the following:
Ellie: "Do that again Aunt Mandi, it tickle's my WHOLE Body"

Kylee was crackin me up as well, she kept telling me she wanted us to go sit in "the beast" (my Xterra) and Talk when I asked her what she wanted to talk about she said...

Kylee: "Duh Boys' Mandi, and maybe we could talk about me"

We had such a good time. I love some of the pictures I took of Kylee, esp the one on the bottom left where she was jumping, it looked pretty cool. More to come...

Ranchin fun!!!

So my latest adventure last weekend was with the family. We had some fun at the ranch over the weekend. I've been breakin in my new camera I got for my birthday. Here's some of my better shots.

Here are some that I took just messing around. The top two are picts from the place. The shed on the right is one of the old blds on the property. The two on the bottom are from the ridge east looking west to our property. There's the barn and where we have the camping area.

I think these are some pretty good portraits, on the right is my Aunt's daughter Sophie, she has the most fantastic smile, and then on the right is my sister in law Britt and baby Jaylee. I love these two pictures the best. So hopefully I can get better at photography.