Saturday, January 15, 2011

CabO TAke Dos WiTh SoMe OthEr RanDom ThouGhts

Well...So I am a slacker...This entry will be a lot of picture overload....YIKES for all y'all! I wanted to finish my Cabo Post sooner, but well life got in the way. I've been soooooooo incredibly the light of finishing what I started here was the rest of my cruise.....

So Kim thought it would be HI-Larious to tell our waiters it was my birthday...which it wasn' was April...not they brought me a slick of cake and Sang to me...awesome I KNOW! WAS totally AWESOME!!!!!

Leavin and Laura...........................Me and Kimmy

It's scary to look at, but I actually went you can see from the left I thought it was even a scary thought...

Senior Frogs...been to alot of those :)

Boys...BoYs...bOyS....This is the guy that sells drinks for an Irish Pub..He was dressed in a Kilt...which was hilarious because we were in Mexico...and well he was mexican...and right as we snapped the get the drift

Ha ha ha...Eric hung out with us...Me, Dilya and Cori...

We Got AlL drEsSed uP anD Had a PlAcE To gO

Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is me.....Playing Catch-Me-Up Take 1 it has been like FORever since I wrote anything. I'd like to say I was doing mostly responsible, productive things, but those of you who truly know me...well let's just leave it at the fairytale. I've been busy though, school, work and Y.W. So tonight instead of sleeping, I'm catching up on my blogging. SOOOOO since I'm like 5 mos behind, here's some picts from my Cabo trip in April. Please note, I didn't upload my blog in chronological order, so they start at the bottom and go up....sorry, it's like 1 A.m!
This cave is soooo cool, it has the shape of a boy hitchhiking on the right side of the cave...I guess according to our boat man Alejandro, that he is a ghost trying to catch a ride home after being murdered in the cave...morbid cave...uh huh!
See he was lonely out there on that rock sunning himself all alone...wait why am I feeling for an animal laying in the sun...that should be me!!!
This is my sleepy little friend...we'll call him Gus!

The sister Jackie and her husband were in Cabo and Feb...she has pictures standing under the Arch on the sandy beach. It doesn't see land in April, not even during the low tide!

Scooby scooby doo...where are you...Yup that's the Scooby Doo rock in the middle

This was the boat tour we took....I promise more picts to come
Ahhh Cabo...where have you been all my life.... and Kimmy!

Yum! Drinks on me...Virgin of there any other way ?!?

This is me and Maddie-Lishous...some peeps think we're long lost sisters...esp now that I'm not blonde anymore!

Me Dilya and Kim...the OCM'ers (Kim and I were comps in the Great Ohio and Dilya was there too!!!)...such cute navy girls!

Finally off to sea!

My travelin group leaving SLC, then the layover in Denver...our flight got delayed, instead of diligently doing homework....well....

So I guess I'm retarded at blogger, so hopefully you are reading this from bottom to top. Here we are in San Deigo getting ready to go, the pic on the left is our crazy cab ride Laura, Maddie, Dilya and Me (l-R) then we got ready to leave the hotel, Dilya, Kim (Back) Maddie and me.
Well kids that's all for tonight. I'm really glad to have this trip documented, of course you have to come back when I upload take dos, it's the second day in Cabo, some fun things we did and San Deigo...More to come!