Friday, August 28, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

So these pix are from girls camp. We had such a blast, our skit was about Cars 2, the kids of cars, we also got rained on and for the first time since I can remember we got first place in the compass, which was SAWEET!!! Here are some of the picts I talked about in my last blogger-roo.

Here's the Bishop driving our car...AWESOME!!!!

This one is fun, it's the Mandy (i)'s. Angie, our pres calls us Holly and the Mandy's.

On the Left if Mandy w/a 'y' and on the right is me, Mandi w/an 'i'

This is our whole group with our Accounta-beetle. It's awesome what Can I say!

Jess and Skye driving in the car race, they had this huge obstacle course that you had to do whilst driving the car, the best was a chineese fire drill in the sand, sorry to say we crashed and burned, so funny, wish I had that on video

SO you can see we had a blast. More to come!
Later Gaters,

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