Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BUNKO!!!!!....TRAVEL.....and Bradley Cooper???

Okay kids, so here's the DL, last weeked was a blast. Which has thus inspired my blog for this edition of Mandiloo's adventures. So, back up, last year (2008), I decided that i was in greatd need of some social inspiration...So I thought to myself, "Mandiloo, you need a social life, it is time to get out"...SO I mad an early New Year's Res to do so, but had no idea where to start. So I prayed about it, YES, I Prayed about finding a social life, I too was thinking that I was out of my mind, that Heavenly Father would have many other imporant things to worry about, ie..starving children in Africa, Spreading the Gospel, World Peace, not the social life of lil Mandiloo. I am here to say that He does care, even about the little things...SO in Feb I was home from work, which is rare, and I started chattin with my girl Kim from my mish, who invited me to go dancing, and to make a long story short, and not to ruin a future blog about my girl, thus began the Social life of Mandiloo...which has rocketed the number of my Facebook friends from like 20 to 200...lol

Soooo, besides finding my Kimmy-loo, who is one of the most FABulous peeps on the planet, I ran into another fellow OCM-er Dilya Peterson...and Dilya introed me to Madeline...aka Maddie, who is like my long lost twin, and together we are the M&M's: Maddie is tres bueno, but I call her a few of the following:


Maddie - Dawn


Maddie - Lynn

Maddi-Lishous (you can just about add Lishous to any name...seriously do I need to explain, it make everyone D-lishious!)

Well Maddie invited Dilya and I to play BUNKO, which is the most awesomestest (yes it IS A WORD) game in the friggin world, to play you break into groups of four peeps, 2 teams of 2, and you roll three dice. You start with 1's so you try to roll as many 1's in a row as you can, you continue to roll until you don't roll a 1. If you roll 1's with all three dice, it's called a BUNKO...and you yelll "BUNKO!!!!!" at the top of your lungs. The first person to roll 21 1's or a BUNKO wins that round. then you do the same thing with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Any time you roll three 2's its called a TRAVEL, which means you get to hold some stuffed animal. It's super fun, and you end up getting REAL excited...I rolled like 1's five times in a row...AWESOME!!!! So after the BUNKO game, we decided to take some pictures...we couldn't get my camera, and when I say we, I mean me, I coudn't figure out the timer, so I'll have to post some of our other ones when I get them from Maddie nd Dilya

Here's my girl Maddie takin some Picts, we laughed alot

And here's Dilya and then the three of us...we are so ghetto fabulous!

So after our picture taking, we decided to go see "All About Steve", which is HILARIOUS, and I Highly recommend it! There are three things about this film that were absolutly FANtastic.

Numero UNO, it is very funny, I think my favorite line was "And You, stop tanning, you look like an Orange with Lips!". It also has a very sweet story about being yourself no matter what! I like comedies, where you learn something.

Numero DOS: The Red Boots, seriously, check them out, AWESOME! Kids, Mandiloo NEEDS these boots, I will find them I WILL

Numero Tres: And finally the best part of the movie, is Bradley Cooper...He is so pretty! To make things funnier, I dreamt about him that night, but turned him down.
I told him "Sorry Bradley Cooper, you are no K.K."
(Oh and ps K.K. is code, for those of you who read this who REALLY know me ~wink~)

Why on earth I felt the need to turn him down is BEYOND me...anyone who knows me, know I'd of melted like Butta, LIKE BUTTA!!!
Well, with that my friends I must close...MORE ADVENTURES TO COME!

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