Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

Hello Kids,
I know it's like a few weeks late, but better late than never. This year halloween was pretty fun for me. It's been a while since I got to dress up and go out, mostly because I didn't have anyone to go with. So here are some picts of me and my friends dancin the night away.

Bryan Monica Nephi and Me the roarin 20's group
Us girls, Jayson and some random guy dressed up as Bert

Monica Me, the boy dressed as a girl Dilya and Kimmy

Monica Me Dilya and Kim

Bunch of us, I love Kim the angle in the back ground

Monica Nephi Mandi and Dilya

Me and Nephi...we are so pimp!

So yeah, I had a blast. I was a flapper, obviously. I'll post some of my neices and nephew pix next week. Life's good, busy but good. I don't know if I blogged about it, but I started school a about 2 months ago. I'm attending Argosy university, it's kinda like the University of Pheonix, but it has a better psychology program. I've got just over a year left so I'm way excited for my progress towards my degree. Well, More to come including this year's dedication to the Jerry Sloan Tie Club, This season may produce some of the GRRReatest ties ever!