Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mandiloo's in SCHOOL??????

Howdy Pard's
Well, I've done it, I'm finally back in school. I must admit, I've been on a three year hiatus, after being up at Utah State which totally has me freiking out! It's good though, I'm just wondering how I'm going to handle, that, my full time (+overtime) job, YW, and my social life...it will be interesting folks, and any advice...would FOR sure be welcome.
SPEAKING of YW, we had girls camp this summer, back in June and I have to admit, it was such a blast. I didn't realize how much work/effort goes into it on the leader's end, so I have to give a shout out to my FANtastic YW leaders that I had growing up. I really appreciate all that they did for me, our theme was "Roadway to Glory", and our Value was Choice and Accountablity, so we dubbed our camp the "Choice and Accounta-beetles" we made this AWESOME bug car out of a huge appliance box, painted it orange. Which was fun, we took pictures of out Bishop as the driver of said car, the skit, which I wrote was HI larious!, then we had this awesome testimony night. The Bishop talked about how our Testimonies are a light, and he light a candle and shared his testimony, then he lit his wife who was our camp director, and she shared her testimony, then she lit someone else. But the point was that when you share your testimony, you light up other people. There was such a sweet spirit there, and I just love all of our FANTASITC Young Women, they are amazing girls. I'm excited for my next year, I can't believe I've been in there for almost a year now. I'll post some of our camp pictures on here as soon as I can get them off facebook. Hope you all are well, and this finds you happy and full of JOY! More to come


  1. YW's camp rules!! I miss the days when I was stake camp director (not the work though) I miss those precious spiritual feelings that exist at camp!

  2. I love Girl's Camp. How fun! Good luck with school.