Wednesday, July 22, 2009

These are a few of my FAVORITE things.....

Hello kids!...So I've been thinking about something to do/say/write about and I came up with a few of my favorite things...So this blog will be dedicated to a few...just a smidgen of my favorite things...people...activites as it were. So, in no particular order we start with

Numero uno... Random sayings in Espanish!
Random sayings in you may ask me "Mandi, do you speak Spanish" and I will promplty tell you no, but I do have on hand for few occasions a handful of Spanish phrases...For example. "No Bueno" which my friends means not good, I use this one quite when a toothless tongan man stalks me at the singles dances, one of my friends will say "Mandi how do you feel about that?" to which I reply..."No Bueno" or "Mandi how was work this week" again the reply "No Bueno". You see it comes in VERY handy..

Numero Doux... Shoes
Are you kidding me...Shoes should probably be one of the first things I can't live with out,
Here are a few of my favorite looks right now to add to my collection of fabulous footwear:

I'm totally loving the converse right now, and these red Madden pumps are adorable, but I have 3 red pairs already, and forget about it, the brown Carlos are adorable as well. anyway...moving on

Numero Tres this one needs a little background work. So I have this fantastic work friend named Brittani, You know Brittani #1 from an early post. Well the boys at work call us Brandi...the Br for Brittani and the Andi for Mandi. Brandisims merely refer to the collection of crazy quotes that frequent our are a few of my personal favorites:

Mandi: "So I named the Xterra"
Britt #1: "Oh yeah, what?"
Mandi: "The Beast"
Britt: "oh, so it's a boy"
Mandi: "Yeah, but I'm going to make it girly, ya know, putting flower stickers on it and stuff"
Britt: "Oh, so it'll be hetero-sexual?"
Mandi: "you mean Metro-sexual, it's not GAY!"

Mandi: "You gotta hope that kid has a beard, cause when you hear Moses, you think guy with long white beard, and some tablets.."
Britt: "And an arc"

Jim (to Cheri): I'm using your name in vain alot
Britt: "So like 'oh my Cheri' or "What the Cheri?'..."

Numero four:
My neices and nephews...they are freiken sweet! take a look and see if you could live without them...I highly doubt it:

The Kidletts: L-R Kylee (7), Colt (ster 10mos), Ryann (4) Jaylee (bug 3mos), Ellie (4) and Kodee (lishous 2)
AND Finally Number 5: solitaire
Yep I said it, solitare. I can't live without it. One of the first things I do in the morning is play a game, draw three Vegas style...ahhhhhh...if I can win one Vegas style all of my wildest dreams will come ...well lets just say it makes it a little easier to make it through the day. I was up one night and started playing a game back to back to back, and won like 6 in a row, had I truely been gambling I'd have one like a thousand bucks...seriously it was amazing, next time I will post pictures, but I doubt I have a game in me that amazing...but we'll see.

Well, I'm out of things to say...More to come!!!

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