Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is me.....Playing Catch-Me-Up Take 1 it has been like FORever since I wrote anything. I'd like to say I was doing mostly responsible, productive things, but those of you who truly know me...well let's just leave it at the fairytale. I've been busy though, school, work and Y.W. So tonight instead of sleeping, I'm catching up on my blogging. SOOOOO since I'm like 5 mos behind, here's some picts from my Cabo trip in April. Please note, I didn't upload my blog in chronological order, so they start at the bottom and go up....sorry, it's like 1 A.m!
This cave is soooo cool, it has the shape of a boy hitchhiking on the right side of the cave...I guess according to our boat man Alejandro, that he is a ghost trying to catch a ride home after being murdered in the cave...morbid cave...uh huh!
See he was lonely out there on that rock sunning himself all alone...wait why am I feeling for an animal laying in the sun...that should be me!!!
This is my sleepy little friend...we'll call him Gus!

The sister Jackie and her husband were in Cabo and Feb...she has pictures standing under the Arch on the sandy beach. It doesn't see land in April, not even during the low tide!

Scooby scooby doo...where are you...Yup that's the Scooby Doo rock in the middle

This was the boat tour we took....I promise more picts to come
Ahhh Cabo...where have you been all my life.... and Kimmy!

Yum! Drinks on me...Virgin of there any other way ?!?

This is me and Maddie-Lishous...some peeps think we're long lost sisters...esp now that I'm not blonde anymore!

Me Dilya and Kim...the OCM'ers (Kim and I were comps in the Great Ohio and Dilya was there too!!!)...such cute navy girls!

Finally off to sea!

My travelin group leaving SLC, then the layover in Denver...our flight got delayed, instead of diligently doing homework....well....

So I guess I'm retarded at blogger, so hopefully you are reading this from bottom to top. Here we are in San Deigo getting ready to go, the pic on the left is our crazy cab ride Laura, Maddie, Dilya and Me (l-R) then we got ready to leave the hotel, Dilya, Kim (Back) Maddie and me.
Well kids that's all for tonight. I'm really glad to have this trip documented, of course you have to come back when I upload take dos, it's the second day in Cabo, some fun things we did and San Deigo...More to come!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New posts coming....I SWEAR!!!

Okay, my few lil followers, Mandiloo has a new adventure to tell you about. I've decided with all of my traveling I'm doing that I'm going to make a lil travel blog, I can post pictures from my travelin adventures. From my cruises, to my coin-flip road trips with my Bonnie lies over the ocean!
Quick update. CABO was AWESOME, I highly recomend it. Crusing is the way to go, everything paid for, no hotels, food no mess, no fuss and you are treated like royalty! School is back in session, I found out I calcuated how many credits I need and I'll be going an extra semester so graduation was pushed from December to May of next year. Which I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed at first, but now I'm submitting my elective classes and I'm WAY excited for a couple of them.
Young Women's is awesome, I love the girls, but it's a drain on my time, which is very little as of late. I have MAJOR guilt issues with that!
Went to my first Playoff Jazz games, both were exciteing and the loss to the Lakers by one point the worst thing that ever happened to me...ha ha ha...just kiddin! but Me and Sam I am got to see a lot of retarded Laker fans tossed from the game...All the wierdos must have been in our section. My Fav Jazz playa is a free agent this year, here hopin they bring him back...
More to come...

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm back

Well Hello my little followers!
I just wanted to say HI! for one thing, it's been ages since I wrote, like my last post was about my Halloween adventures. Rather than doing a catch-up about the past I'm writing a list of things I'm looking forward to. So here's my top ten things that are coming up.

10 - the Jazz season, oh wait, that's going on right now, but I'm ALWAYS excited to watch their games, so it counts, okay!

9- In reference to #10, Jerry Sloan's ties, Kids he has some really REALLY good ones, and Really REALLLY Bad ones, I'll post what I can from this year in a later post!

8- Loosing more weight...down like 75lbs, can't wait to keep it coming off!

7- Trips to the ranch, spring spring PLEASE Get HERE, I'm tired of being COLD!

6- A small break from school, I don't know when it is, but I'm hoping it's at LEAST 2 weeks before summer session begins!

5- Moving out of Vernon, sorry mom, Jed and Britt, But I gotta get out of there!

4-Spending some tax return mooola! Heck yes, Famous Footwear hear I come!

3-Halo3-enough said

2-Cabo San Lucas, me and a ship full of hot boys hopefully! oh and a bunch of my friend...yay for layin on the beach, sitting in a hot tub, pedi's and new shoes!

1-Hot boys, see #2 por favor!

So I think I'm the most excited about the cruise in April to Mexico. I would lie and say I don't really care if there are hot boys there but dang near everyone that reads this knows me better than I need a vaca so very VERY Badly! I'll post some new stuff later on, pictures from Christmas. Oh yeah we had this AWESOME activity that I was in charge of that I need to blog about, it was so cool, and I have a few from that as well as Christmas and New Years! Well kids, it's been real!
More to come,