Monday, March 23, 2009

My Sad, Sad Little NCAA Bracket...Stupid teams That Screwed me over!

Ok, so last week, the muddy week, andI blog about HOW excited I was that my teams made the NCAA tourny...well shock of all shockers....they let me down... Both Utah, who was a 5-seed...HELLO lost to Arizona and Utah State, my Aggies lost to Marquette by 1...1 stinkin point...the Utes loss killed me for a time, but other key losses kept me in the running at least until Pitt lost...I had them winning it all...stupid Pitt!!!...ahh another year WASTED!

So, now that I've depressed myself again with another year of failure to pick teams that will win, I'll get on to a brighter note. So, I've recently become a fan of watching the Jazz play, we don't have time to really dwell on why I watch the Jazz play, but one thing that I do is check out the hurt players and how they dress...usually a fashionista like myself can catch the injured players on the the side line...and critique what they are wearing...sure, sure, I'll miss D-Will dropping a "killer crossover" for a auick bucket, usually taking a less than adaquit defender down with him, (a phrase that a recent KSL Commentor said needed to go), but wait!...Boozer's on the side line in a killer Armini suit...well friends, when we got healthy...there was nobody to play dressup, other than the hotties in I started to check out Jerry Sloan's that dude has one heck of a tie I would point out the tie to my madre. Soon my MOM started to check out the ties, it became one of the first thing we looked for...we'd be like..."oh..that tie is Awesome...or now it needs to go" So I told my girl Brittani (from work, there are several Britt's in my life, we'll call her Britt #1) and she started checking out his ties, so she tells her husband Nick...AVID JAZZ FAN>>>SEASON TICKET HOLDER>>>HOLLA!..and HEEEE starts checking out Sloan's I said to myself "Mandi. you're on to something here" that is when the JSTotMC...or the Jerry Sloan Tie of the Month Club... was born. It's basically me, my mom, Britt #1, and my sis-law Britt...we'll call her Britt #2, and I pretty much find the rockin-est ties that Sloan wears and send that pic once a month to my member..we comment and have a good laugh. Here are a few of my VERY Favorite ties :)

I'm a big fan of stripes and the orange and brown...might I add are simply divine!

I don't usually like patterns, but this one is nice and OLD SCHOOL, in the fashion world friends, we call it vintage.

Anyhoo. Jed and Britt (#2) were up this weekend with the baby...she is so cute...and Not to brag or anything...but I am definantly her favorite...On a serious note, after all of my earlier babbling. My life is pretty darn good! I'm healthy, as is my fabulous family. I really feel blessed. Hope you are all well..and thanks for tuning in...oh and if you happen to see a fab tie of Jerry know where to email it! More to come!

Have a B-E-A-Utiful day, and a great tomorrow!



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

YAY for New Babies...She's here!!!

Okay, So I'm a day late and a dollar short, but Jed and Brittany had a baby girl yesterday!!!!

Jaylee Della Thomas

was born on March 16th, 2009

at noon in Southern, UT

So I am SOOOOO excited, and she is so'll see I'll be postin' some awesome pix!!! Jed called me at work yesterday and said "I'm a daddy"..can I tell you how weird it is to have your baby brother tell you he is a daddy?...but I'm happy for them, and soooo glad that Jaylee is here!

More to come :)


Saturday, March 14, 2009 SUCKS!!!, and sticks to "The Beast"!

Today, I'm going to blog about my Xterra...I's just a car, but it's my "just a car". I've name him "The Beast"...because I can't call it a truck, and S-U-V, takes to long to say and it always got confused because I'd call my civic "the civ" and the Xterra "the suv" was mess, besides I name all my vehicles and well "The Beast" fit, it mean, bad and totally rad...there is a drawback to the XTERRA, it loves the mud, can't get ESPECIALLY loves to drive through mud puddles at EXTREMELY high rates of speed, I try to slow him down, but there is no stopping "The Beast". But, can I just tell you I'm so SICK of the MUD!!! I've washed "The Beast" like 2 times a week this last month. I live on a dirt road, and it snows, melts, gets muddy, "the beast" wants to go out and play and I can't stop him...what's a girl like me to do? Oh well enough of my rant about muddy dirt roads!

On a brighter note! BOTH of my favorite teams are in the NCAA tournament, yep kids, I love college basketball and the Utes and the Aggies both won thier tournament was AWESOME..oh yeah and BYU will probably go to...I guess that is okay...Oh and I heard the funniest thing whilst I was watchin the Aggie game, Big Blue..our mascot totally ripped the moustashe of "Pistol Pete" the cowboy's off and was suspended for the game. I'm going to figure out how to post a video of it from You Tube..It was SPECTCULAR, and it was done because and Aggie fan bet him 100 dollars! gotta love March Madness..

Well have a great day and a B-E-A utiful tomorrow!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Post numba almost ryhmes!

My Family

So, this is my family...minus a few. So, I guess I should introduce y'all to my homies, starting on the left, back row is my bro in law Judd, and my sister Jackie, then Me, My Dad Burt, My brother Chet and my brother Jed. In the front is my Sister Sam...I call her Sam I am..yes like Green Eggs and Ham. Then my Fab mom Cheryl, Annie (Chet's wife and Judd's sister, yep my bro and sis married a bro and sis) She's holding Kylee...This picture was taken at our home in Vernon about 4..ish years's a funny story about this picture, we decided that we'd all wear Navy and white...notice that I am the only on in white with navy...I guess I just have to be different. So my family is pretty much the AWESOME-EST family, and this is a plus everyone in my family has married someone TOTALLY cool...We've grown a lot since then. Chet and Annie have 3 adorable kids now. Kylee(7-in Apr), Ellie (4) and Colt (6mos). Jackie and Judd have 2 darling girls, Ryann (4) and Kodee (2). Jed married a Delta girl...Brittany Johnson in May of 07 and they are expecting a little girl any day now.

So I think I've been pretty blessed. Both my sister in law's are amazing women, and are the best example's to me, I have a hard time calling them in-laws because they are more like real sister's to me. And my brother in law is pretty awesome as well. He's a good man, and totally cracks me up! Plus, I have the cutest kids on the planet for nieces and nephews!

Right to left
Judd, Ryann, Jackie, Kodee
Me, Sam, Jed Brittany
My Mom, Dad, Kylee, Ellie
Annie and Chet.

Well, I guess I'll close. Hopefully I can post on Fridays from now on, at least that's the plan. Hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Oh and my new poll will be how I should end these posts of mine...I need a catchy ending remark...something flashy!!! Any idea's?...let me know...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New blogger alert..this is probably gonna be lame!

Hey Ya'll
So like the title says this is Mandil00, and yes I'm here to admit, I'm a new blogger. Luckily I have an awesome work-partner in crime to show me how to work this thing, or it'd be REALLY Lame! ha ha
Well, for those of you who are new to my blog, welcome. I thought rather than having a lot of the same conversation with peeps on Facebook about what I'm doing...I'd send em to my blog, then I only have to type this once, and we can truly get down to business.
So right now I'm living at home, it's kinda nice, I'm getting all the student loans paid off and junk, savin up some cash-o-la to spend on something?-Don't really know where that is going but hey that's life and it's full of surprises!
My life is pretty busy right now! I work full time -plus at a job that well, I'm not going to lie, I don't LOVE my job, but it pays the bills...really REALLY well. I'm in the Young Women's in my ward, it's probably the BEST calling ever, it's really brought me as close to the Lord as I've been since I was on my mission, and our girls are AWESOME...Holla Vernon Ward Girls!-love y'all.
When I'm not working or hangin' with the YW, I'm with my fabulous family. They are the best, and I'll be devoting an ENTIRE entry to how they are doing...and probably one to each of my 4 and half (one to be here in a couple weeks) nieces...and my studly nephew.
AAAAND when I'm not with my fam, I spend most Sat nights dancing with my friends...tryin to meet a hottie-J/K.
Well, until I find an rockin way to sign out...this is it y'all.