Monday, March 23, 2009

My Sad, Sad Little NCAA Bracket...Stupid teams That Screwed me over!

Ok, so last week, the muddy week, andI blog about HOW excited I was that my teams made the NCAA tourny...well shock of all shockers....they let me down... Both Utah, who was a 5-seed...HELLO lost to Arizona and Utah State, my Aggies lost to Marquette by 1...1 stinkin point...the Utes loss killed me for a time, but other key losses kept me in the running at least until Pitt lost...I had them winning it all...stupid Pitt!!!...ahh another year WASTED!

So, now that I've depressed myself again with another year of failure to pick teams that will win, I'll get on to a brighter note. So, I've recently become a fan of watching the Jazz play, we don't have time to really dwell on why I watch the Jazz play, but one thing that I do is check out the hurt players and how they dress...usually a fashionista like myself can catch the injured players on the the side line...and critique what they are wearing...sure, sure, I'll miss D-Will dropping a "killer crossover" for a auick bucket, usually taking a less than adaquit defender down with him, (a phrase that a recent KSL Commentor said needed to go), but wait!...Boozer's on the side line in a killer Armini suit...well friends, when we got healthy...there was nobody to play dressup, other than the hotties in I started to check out Jerry Sloan's that dude has one heck of a tie I would point out the tie to my madre. Soon my MOM started to check out the ties, it became one of the first thing we looked for...we'd be like..."oh..that tie is Awesome...or now it needs to go" So I told my girl Brittani (from work, there are several Britt's in my life, we'll call her Britt #1) and she started checking out his ties, so she tells her husband Nick...AVID JAZZ FAN>>>SEASON TICKET HOLDER>>>HOLLA!..and HEEEE starts checking out Sloan's I said to myself "Mandi. you're on to something here" that is when the JSTotMC...or the Jerry Sloan Tie of the Month Club... was born. It's basically me, my mom, Britt #1, and my sis-law Britt...we'll call her Britt #2, and I pretty much find the rockin-est ties that Sloan wears and send that pic once a month to my member..we comment and have a good laugh. Here are a few of my VERY Favorite ties :)

I'm a big fan of stripes and the orange and brown...might I add are simply divine!

I don't usually like patterns, but this one is nice and OLD SCHOOL, in the fashion world friends, we call it vintage.

Anyhoo. Jed and Britt (#2) were up this weekend with the baby...she is so cute...and Not to brag or anything...but I am definantly her favorite...On a serious note, after all of my earlier babbling. My life is pretty darn good! I'm healthy, as is my fabulous family. I really feel blessed. Hope you are all well..and thanks for tuning in...oh and if you happen to see a fab tie of Jerry know where to email it! More to come!

Have a B-E-A-Utiful day, and a great tomorrow!




  1. I love you so much! You make me laugh! I'll have to start paying attention to the ties now too!


  3. Well Kurli, then my job as the JSTOTM club President and High Chair-woman is done...the more the merrier!