Saturday, March 7, 2009

Post numba almost ryhmes!

My Family

So, this is my family...minus a few. So, I guess I should introduce y'all to my homies, starting on the left, back row is my bro in law Judd, and my sister Jackie, then Me, My Dad Burt, My brother Chet and my brother Jed. In the front is my Sister Sam...I call her Sam I am..yes like Green Eggs and Ham. Then my Fab mom Cheryl, Annie (Chet's wife and Judd's sister, yep my bro and sis married a bro and sis) She's holding Kylee...This picture was taken at our home in Vernon about 4..ish years's a funny story about this picture, we decided that we'd all wear Navy and white...notice that I am the only on in white with navy...I guess I just have to be different. So my family is pretty much the AWESOME-EST family, and this is a plus everyone in my family has married someone TOTALLY cool...We've grown a lot since then. Chet and Annie have 3 adorable kids now. Kylee(7-in Apr), Ellie (4) and Colt (6mos). Jackie and Judd have 2 darling girls, Ryann (4) and Kodee (2). Jed married a Delta girl...Brittany Johnson in May of 07 and they are expecting a little girl any day now.

So I think I've been pretty blessed. Both my sister in law's are amazing women, and are the best example's to me, I have a hard time calling them in-laws because they are more like real sister's to me. And my brother in law is pretty awesome as well. He's a good man, and totally cracks me up! Plus, I have the cutest kids on the planet for nieces and nephews!

Right to left
Judd, Ryann, Jackie, Kodee
Me, Sam, Jed Brittany
My Mom, Dad, Kylee, Ellie
Annie and Chet.

Well, I guess I'll close. Hopefully I can post on Fridays from now on, at least that's the plan. Hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Oh and my new poll will be how I should end these posts of mine...I need a catchy ending remark...something flashy!!! Any idea's?...let me know...

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  1. Yea mandi!!! Wahoo! blogging is sooo much nicer, and the sad part is, my blog stinks compared to yours, but I love ya anyway! cute family pictures, we need to have another one of those! Only 1 of the 7 grandkids are in it. Well, check us out at
    love ya!