Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New blogger alert..this is probably gonna be lame!

Hey Ya'll
So like the title says this is Mandil00, and yes I'm here to admit, I'm a new blogger. Luckily I have an awesome work-partner in crime to show me how to work this thing, or it'd be REALLY Lame! ha ha
Well, for those of you who are new to my blog, welcome. I thought rather than having a lot of the same conversation with peeps on Facebook about what I'm doing...I'd send em to my blog, then I only have to type this once, and we can truly get down to business.
So right now I'm living at home, it's kinda nice, I'm getting all the student loans paid off and junk, savin up some cash-o-la to spend on something?-Don't really know where that is going but hey that's life and it's full of surprises!
My life is pretty busy right now! I work full time -plus at a job that well, I'm not going to lie, I don't LOVE my job, but it pays the bills...really REALLY well. I'm in the Young Women's in my ward, it's probably the BEST calling ever, it's really brought me as close to the Lord as I've been since I was on my mission, and our girls are AWESOME...Holla Vernon Ward Girls!-love y'all.
When I'm not working or hangin' with the YW, I'm with my fabulous family. They are the best, and I'll be devoting an ENTIRE entry to how they are doing...and probably one to each of my 4 and half (one to be here in a couple weeks) nieces...and my studly nephew.
AAAAND when I'm not with my fam, I spend most Sat nights dancing with my friends...tryin to meet a hottie-J/K.
Well, until I find an rockin way to sign out...this is it y'all.


  1. Mandi!
    Hello gorgeous! I love the update. I think you should spend some of that moolah coming to visit me in NYC. Also, YW is absolutely the best! I'm with the YW here and I love it. I can't wait til you blog about your girls... I mean, young women ;)
    And I totally understand dedicating blog entries to our family members. I do to. If you want to look, my blog is jkuulei@blogspot.com.
    I loves and misses your guts! Can't wait to read more updates. HUGS

  2. Hey Mandi - it is good to hear some fun updates. I am in the YW in my ward as well. It is pretty fun. I have a blog at awalkintheleaves.blogspot.com Check it out!

  3. that's so not fair! my blog is ugly...and boring! but if you feel so inclined to humor me, you can find me at fountainbluegreen.blogspot.com
    love ya my mandi!

  4. Hi Mandi,
    I love you!!!My blog is alwaysbraegger.blogspot.com. I love blogs and it will be a lot easier keeping up this way then on facebook!