Saturday, March 14, 2009 SUCKS!!!, and sticks to "The Beast"!

Today, I'm going to blog about my Xterra...I's just a car, but it's my "just a car". I've name him "The Beast"...because I can't call it a truck, and S-U-V, takes to long to say and it always got confused because I'd call my civic "the civ" and the Xterra "the suv" was mess, besides I name all my vehicles and well "The Beast" fit, it mean, bad and totally rad...there is a drawback to the XTERRA, it loves the mud, can't get ESPECIALLY loves to drive through mud puddles at EXTREMELY high rates of speed, I try to slow him down, but there is no stopping "The Beast". But, can I just tell you I'm so SICK of the MUD!!! I've washed "The Beast" like 2 times a week this last month. I live on a dirt road, and it snows, melts, gets muddy, "the beast" wants to go out and play and I can't stop him...what's a girl like me to do? Oh well enough of my rant about muddy dirt roads!

On a brighter note! BOTH of my favorite teams are in the NCAA tournament, yep kids, I love college basketball and the Utes and the Aggies both won thier tournament was AWESOME..oh yeah and BYU will probably go to...I guess that is okay...Oh and I heard the funniest thing whilst I was watchin the Aggie game, Big Blue..our mascot totally ripped the moustashe of "Pistol Pete" the cowboy's off and was suspended for the game. I'm going to figure out how to post a video of it from You Tube..It was SPECTCULAR, and it was done because and Aggie fan bet him 100 dollars! gotta love March Madness..

Well have a great day and a B-E-A utiful tomorrow!


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