Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weird and Random Songs that get stuck in my Head!

Well kids, time for another entry, it's been a couple weeks, and although I have a list of my fabulous blog topics, none of them interested me this week, so I said to myself, "Mandi, if it's boring to you, it will be boring to your readers...what very, VERY, little there are..." So today's topic, is rather facinating, it's the songs that get stuck in my head, and USUALLY friends, it's not the whole song, and sometimes it's a song I don't even know, or haven't ever listened to, but I keep singing them over, and over, and OVER!!!!

I can see after reading this, I sound kinda insane...you know crazy girl, getting songs she doesn't "really know" stuck in her head, or the fact that I've never heard them... Reading this one might ask themselves..."soooo are these songs 'real'..." Well stop judging!!!THEY ARE!!! I even sing them to my co-workers...okay mostly Britt #1, and she's pretty quick to reassure me that they ARE in fact real songs, and I'm not going crazy...

So, I had the craziest song stuck in my head yesterday, it was one that I've never heard all the way through before...I only had this one line from the chorus, and right now I can't even remember what that dang song was, I even wrote it down, but i can't find that peice of paper I wrote it down on, but I'm tellin ya, it was CRAZY! I asked my girl, Britt #1 (see Jerry Sloan Tie Club entry for which Britt I speak of), and she couldn't remember either. So she started coming up with possible names. She was like "Um-Uh...Brave heart, or Heart...Something...Breaking hearts, or something like that", and I'm like "NO!!!"...We've had a good laugh about it this afternoon...oh and laughing reminds me, we also laughed about a ruler today...lol...Wink Wink!!

So here I sit, trying to rack my brain about a stupid song, from an era of music I don't even like!...Sad really... So that got me thinking...again...(twice in one day...who knew?)...that Maybe...just maybe I ought to keep a record or log book of these songs, because I think it could be psychologically linked to my stress level...

Well enough of my random rant. Sooooo I'm way sad that the Jazz lost to the Lakers in the playoff's...because not they are all on summer vacations, and I'm going to have a hard time not seeing.....Jerry Sloans ties anymore...seriously that was like a wicked-awesome part of my week...So, after May the JSToftheMC (Jerry Sloan Tie of the Month Club) will be going on summer vacation too (mostly because this summer I'm WAY busy)...
So Yeah, well...I guess I'd better close, next week after my sister Sam I am returns from school, I'm going to get some pictures of our annual family trip to the ranch for easter, and post all about it...yeah totally late..I know right!?!
Well friends, this has been a good week...so far! More to come!

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