Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm back

Well Hello my little followers!
I just wanted to say HI! for one thing, it's been ages since I wrote, like my last post was about my Halloween adventures. Rather than doing a catch-up about the past I'm writing a list of things I'm looking forward to. So here's my top ten things that are coming up.

10 - the Jazz season, oh wait, that's going on right now, but I'm ALWAYS excited to watch their games, so it counts, okay!

9- In reference to #10, Jerry Sloan's ties, Kids he has some really REALLY good ones, and Really REALLLY Bad ones, I'll post what I can from this year in a later post!

8- Loosing more weight...down like 75lbs, can't wait to keep it coming off!

7- Trips to the ranch, spring spring PLEASE Get HERE, I'm tired of being COLD!

6- A small break from school, I don't know when it is, but I'm hoping it's at LEAST 2 weeks before summer session begins!

5- Moving out of Vernon, sorry mom, Jed and Britt, But I gotta get out of there!

4-Spending some tax return mooola! Heck yes, Famous Footwear hear I come!

3-Halo3-enough said

2-Cabo San Lucas, me and a ship full of hot boys hopefully! oh and a bunch of my friend...yay for layin on the beach, sitting in a hot tub, pedi's and new shoes!

1-Hot boys, see #2 por favor!

So I think I'm the most excited about the cruise in April to Mexico. I would lie and say I don't really care if there are hot boys there but dang near everyone that reads this knows me better than I need a vaca so very VERY Badly! I'll post some new stuff later on, pictures from Christmas. Oh yeah we had this AWESOME activity that I was in charge of that I need to blog about, it was so cool, and I have a few from that as well as Christmas and New Years! Well kids, it's been real!
More to come,

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  1. I so want pictures of you! How did you loose so much weight! That is so awesome! And I'm so jealous that you get to go on a vacation! So jealous!I love ya!